These are just a few tips my acting teachers, Andrea and Lyle Hill, at Weist Barron Hill taught me.

Think about these things when looking at your script:

  1. What does your character want? Do they want information, love, revenge – what do they hope to get from this moment in time.
  2. Where was your character before this moment – did they just have a car accident, just got out of bed, had a great day, got a pay raise at work, got fired from their job, hiding a bloody knife? You can see how that choice will affect your entrance and first line.
  3. Where is the transition and what happens? Problem solved, problem gets worse?
  4. Tag line – create a tag line if you can think of one that adds to the moment. (Don’t just say something to do it. It must enhance the moment. Something simple, just a few words.)  One time in an audition the reader’s last line was “are you crazy or something?”  The direction said that the actor should slowly smile.  I slowly smiled and then looking straight into the camera said “Or something.”  Casting laughed really surprised.  Apparently although it was a simple tag no one had done that before.  Do not underestimate your own originality.
  5. Always memorize your first and last lines so you can speak directly into the camera and they see your eyes.

If you look at all of these things before auditioning you will do something that casting hasn’t seen before and it will be original.

Break a leg!!