My dream …to get an Oscar.

Here is a pic of me with my Oscar. (Okay, its Angelina Jolie but this is what I look like in my dream).

This is a picture of my Oscar. You will notice that my Oscar is shinier than Angelina’s. Apparently the academy doesn’t make them as well as they do at the store at Madame Tussaud’s! They should take lessons.

One word…GLITTER!

However, another dream is me giving awards to my favorite actors who should have already gotten them but didn’t. Like Val Kilmer for Tombstone.

Okay, he probably wouldn’t have been dressed as Doc Holliday and carrying a gun while receiving it but, hey, wouldn’t it be awesome!

Here is a picture of Michael T. Weiss.  I am giving Michael T. Weiss an Emmy for The Pretender. Okay, he probably would have worn a shirt while I was giving him that Emmy but, again, hey, it’s my dream! Yes, it will be awesome when I am at the Oscars.